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Robin What a way to follow up the previous efforts. Dream Void continues with some striking technical death metal / deathcore with Diablo-inspired lyrics.
Divinization is well produced, has a lot of sick riffs and kickass vocals. I'm also impressed by the guest spots, they all deliver and make this album even more interesting.
Get this! Favorite track: Immuration ft Riley McShane.
Zackary Lawrence
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Zackary Lawrence After listening to the early stream countless times, following since Deceptive Dreamscape was featured on Tech Death Tuesday, and becoming one of my favorite bands, I am saddened to see the end of Dream Void with this album.

But with this said, this album is an atmospheric and technical dream. Pun intended.

The evolution to the writing from DD to this album is astonishing. The music captures you. The vocals obliterate you. The lyrics tell an excellent tale. If I have to watch Dream Void end, then this is the perfect album to end on. Do not sleep on this. Do not second guess your thoughts on its purchase. This is the missing piece to add to any metal collection!
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    All music written and tracked by Justin Seymour
    Vocals and lyrics by Drew Keedy
    Piano by Steven Harrell (Hatchling)
    Album art by Thri Satria of @BrainInjectedArt
    Guest vocals by the following:
    Michael Alvarez: Flub, Alterbeast
    Ben Duerr: Shadow of Intent, Hollow Prophet
    Riley McShane: Allegaeon, Continuum, Son of Aurelius
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released June 14, 2019

All music written and tracked by Justin Seymour
Vocals and lyrics by Drew Keedy
Piano by Steven Harrell (Hatchling)
Album art by Thri Satria of @BrainInjectedArt
Guest vocals by the following:
Michael Alvarez: Flub, Alterbeast
Ben Duerr: Shadow of Intent, Hollow Prophet
Riley McShane: Allegaeon, Continuum, Son of Aurelius


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Dream Void Lafayette, Indiana

Technical death metal project in the beginning phases of creating music.

Lafayette Indiana.

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Track Name: Believing The Lie ft Michael Alvarez
Desperate for a breath of air I must venture forth.

Moments later lactic acid and the taste of iron forewarn me that urgency now outweighs caution. As I lengthen my stride the intensity and the fatigue from the previous adrenal releases are inhibiting me from reaching the exit of this forsaken tomb of the imprisoned one.

Trinitrotoluene lines every wall of this orifice.

For if you fail then the whole world will surely smolder to ash.
Every lucious landscape along with every living bacterial inhabitant.
All ideals ever conceived by any historic sentient being reduced to swirling helices and carbon.

Torch-guided vision - limited by the pitch blackness and its invading proximity to the actions which were modeled by my own recourse as if a voice from the back of my mind whispers it’s visions within. Its carnage invokes my name.

Knowing my fate and what it is that is asked of me I suppress trepidity and envision this not foretelling the end of days. I revel in the fact that the infinite forms of life on this planet will still exist to see the light of day. Exist, exist to see the light of day.
Track Name: The Charlatan's Lantern
Slowly approaching this demolished ziggurat it feels as if my flesh begins to itch. Sigils glowing on the walls of every ancient dialect along the lines of what we must protect are mentioned in the scriptures that glow so dim - a luminescent ambered hue of sin.

As I slowly enter this ruined fane of lost, a temple shrouded by violent vines and moss, my nostrils filled with pungent misery, the floor exists as a soup of the deceased. The altar doth imbue fear as I approach while a sulfurous mist now burns and rapes my throat. A blackened tar of bloody phlegm doth spill, licking ichor from my lips.

A chill sent down my spine as the tips of my fingers kiss the surface of this ancient script long misplaced and forgotten. The markings on this vellum tell of methods used on the cerebellum of a vessel whose guest shall thrive on the fear of their mortal host.

Once pursued through the Caverns of Lost, the shell of the sacrifice permanently distraught, for the map that we supplied the vessel now deciphers in the dark leads a mouse to a trap with a lantern in hand. With a lantern, a lantern in hand.

Leaving the vessel lost and alone in the dark, the soul of this wretched beast shall enter his withered carapace.

As I exit this demolished ziggurat I carry in my tow the answers to all of our prayers. A descriptive list of reagents that we must collect if we are to triumph over this blasphemous creature of hell, which is precisely what we intend to do.

Adrift, my mind wanders in a sea of unease as my thoughts carry me back to the readings of the prophecy. Any man we choose, for the preparation of the body is of the utmost importance. Drawing the man into a trap so that the spirit can attack, a lantern filled with an imprisoning bind of alchemic reactions. The essential key is triggering an eternity of fear as he wanders here waiting for release.
Track Name: Immuration ft Riley McShane
Hesitantly stepping forward, hidden by the pitchest blackness, stirring nothing as I wander, through the darkness into light.

The darkest reaches of this chasm peer into abysmal depths of my soul I never taunted from its corners sure to find me.

I am not a man, but merely a shell, left to cry alone from the depths of this hell.

Drawn into a trap and left to die I ponder am I nothing more than rotten meat left in a snare for father time to find. Passing moments seem eternal, memories of loved ones fonder, stripped and raped of my family without even saying goodbye.

Beaten, broken, festered, loathing, these emotions never showing their face in the presence of my now tainted unholy minds eye. Facing an uncertain death of hypothermia or hunger, dehydration is quelled by the salty stream I find.

Slurping and ingesting this fluid into myself. I force the liquid down into my belly, how it noxiously smells.

Beaten, broken, festered loathing in my mind.

This abyssal, black, and empty chasm calls my name. Illuminating my desire to fly down - down and under the very same and artificial waves battering the walls. In great disdain, I lose my sanctuary.
Track Name: The Curtain Drawn
I am the one they call upon at every turn. Awaiting response as if they even matter.
Pestering me, drawing my wrath. Resting deep within the cosmos - beckoned from my eternal slumber - from my slumber thrown into intergalactic space.

Hurling towards a summoning circle I see now that a sigil is misplaced, the insidious deed of one of my followers. I can taste the fear, for in their midst substantiating particles appear - they swirl together pulling essential atoms from the earth. Tendrils pulling molecules to shape and form a compound unknown to man.

Frozen as if staring into the face of a horrid nightmare, a countenance leaking pus with emissions like that of horses.

I am the sole catalyst to the apocalypse - an inquisitive thrall - interfering and meddlesome.
Once I have detached from this portal that I am tethered to a vessel for my essence is the first thing I’ll pursue.

Ravenously gawking - surveying the whole room; entranced, this lantern glows magnificent. Clutching in his fingers and glowing ever bright; entranced, this lantern glows magnificent.

Entranced - this lantern glows.

Abolished, and ridden of this plasmic life. I’ve witnessed the dawn of all life. I need ultraviolet light to see this world ignite.
Track Name: Permeation ft Ben Duerr
Reduced to a husk; withered and frail.
The absence of warmth weathers hard on the shell supplied by The Followers of Blight. From the Sun I draw warmth and ignite, bloating to an impossible mass, the stench of my presence grotesque.

Harbored in a tomb of an icy depth which no mortal man could endure, crawling through darkness alone, dismantled by dragging myself along the cobblestone floor of this crypt, I lacerate my torso with every inch.

Creeping towards a refracting, dim ray of light whose source was blinded by the obstruction in the path of my sacred rite.

Reduced to a husk; withered and frail, the absence of warmth fuels this vessel with an overpowering wrath induced storm.

Dislodging the barrier; bloating to an impossible mass. Thermal energy courses throughout every receptor absorbing the ultraviolet rays.

Bulbous, radiating a warmth with no comparison, a catalytic cosmic rebirth infringing upon all the life of the Earth

Condemned, ruination and fathom interlace creating a dismal reality. Toxic gasses swarm through the atmosphere, expelling with such force from my chest that my every atom encroaches upon divinization.

Dispersed; spread like pollen in the wind. My every infectious particle blends together in a magnificent display of the power behind the prophesized Followers of Blight.

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