Deceptive Dreamscape

by Dream Void

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A concept album of an ancient intergalactic race that has designed, populated, studied, eradicated and repopulated Earth since the dawn of time to gain our knowledge of technology as each passing wave of humanity grows and progresses through different decisions we make as a a species, all the while we believe we are building a portal to bring God to Earth, believing that it is our Creator, but in reality... nothing of righteous descent.


released July 13, 2016

Justin Seymour (The Room Colored Charlatan) - music composition and engineering
Drew Keedy - vocals and lyrics
Eddie Inman (Hatchling) - guest vocals
Steven Harrell (Hatchling) - piano



all rights reserved


Dream Void Lafayette, Indiana

Technical death metal project in the beginning phases of creating music.

Lafayette / Muncie, Indiana.

Looking for lead, rhythm and bass players in the area to perform this content live.

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Track Name: Symbiotic Complacency
Sepentine and so delicious; slithering and parasitic.
Bursting sutures; festered stitches, life is now all but diminished.
Seeking refuge; digging ditches, soylent structures; massive trenches
Frantic sprinting; hastened sickness, mind infected, sharpened senses; catatonic.
Not yet finished.

And as the disease spreads it finds more innocent victims.

Diabolic and infectious, passing loved ones merely visions.
Quarantined before it’s finished; gloom and finite; mass pandemic. Move infected to the clinic, in the mind is where it sets in
Morphing matter to the pattern, merge together; one forever.
Written scriptures, blueprint figures, formulas of non-existence.

Upon convergence into a cycloptic orifice the eyes revert and the subject trembles.

The now one large eye appears to be a portal to another realm.
Fever induced seizures lead to violent episodes.
Waking from a state of confused and ill-tempered disarray
The infected seek to transcribe a message from their euphoric experience

Composing celestial, temporal equations; enigmatic and divine
Blueprints and instructions to build a massive structure
Powered by the sun, driven by the hope of finding their creator
Track Name: Post-Pandemic Extrication
Once described as a mysterious (genome of celestial lifeforms)
Pulsing energy from within withered husks
Observing the only tangible existence of “Creation”
Beckoned by the Firmament containing the stratosphere
Barrier to what’s inside
Obstructing unearthly visitors from reaching the Sacred Fruit

Time and space create a fabric from within; around which light bends
Puncturing the space time fabric
Dive within that which is void of dream

Celestial beacons: Pray!
Open the portal for extrication; I am Messiah, I am Omega

Research has suggested that when violence is present thereIs no salvation or elemental preservation; erase.
And in time a recollection of all antiquities of Man
Archiving advancements in technology; document and graph

Pray to the father of all of Mankind; Erase the shackles and unbind the mind
A cosmic transition between two individual points occupying three dimensions.
Inside the barrier I have arrived to observe, wait and plot for the end which is nigh.

Now understanding The Theory of Evolution
Testing genetic sequence, alter the cerebral cortex
Track Name: Taste of the Fruit
Perspective that is forced upon
Engrained deep within one’s most sacred thoughts
Invasive pervasion consisting of sub-atomic origin
As it grows watch it spread; encapsulating
Festering forlorn growths dissolving the subcutaneous
Literal boiling execration surfacing

Emulating an unjust maledictious odium
Scaled, twisted, and vile wretched lumps of Creation
An unwelcomed presence from an unrivaled dimension
Hell bent on the destruction of what was, is and shall ever be.

Trumpets sound of cosmic dissonance
Release ecumenical fleets
Vast expanse of the empyrean cosmogonic technology
A presence unrivaled, unparalleled, unfathomably elite
Emanating unconditional detestation; surfeit

I am Messiah, I am Omega, I’m your Creator
Mind infected; sharpened senses; catatonic
Now be relinquished from your sin
I am religion Imprison; eradicate; repopulate
Persistent malicious omnipotence

Construction of organic lifeforms
Empowered by fear of the vacancy that trails me
Ancient intellectual, extra-terrestrial wardens of genocidal fecundation Modeled after the two in the Sacred Garden
Imprisoned; eradicate; repopulation

Bow, I am the Messiah, I am the Omega
Kneel, I am the Creator; enrich; nourish; inseminate
(I am all that was, I am all that will be)

Arms extended for indoctrination, reaching a level of anticipation Ruining the lives of seven billion; taste of the fruit let knowledge fill you As glucose drips down your chin think of the billions you’ve lost of kin
Track Name: The Grandest Anticipation
Father! We your beacons – all conjoined we plead you bring us Rapture.
Beacons! Bow your head! Pray! I preceed history
I am God I am the Father of All
I am the Alpha, Omega I am Messiah, Creator
You are the fruit from my seed, galactic incubation
Sever digression, how clever, never use Heaven as reference
Only a weapon of severance, and gesture of precognition
Adam and Eve beckoned by the low hanging fruit of the Eden Tree They perceive me to be pestilential, a split-tongued thief contriving with dishonesty
Surmising offerings of an unripe lifeforce would appease my mind
I’ve witnessed with the changing of the seasons
Extradite Christ, Juda – free your mind!
Decipher their provincialism, ascertain contextual catachresis.
An unbiased factual analysis is pertinent to prevent a future statistical anomaly
Senseless; I emit a catastrophic and transient beam of energy
Calcine flickering, searing; an ambient and proportionate product of that which I resent
Cast out once lit, asphyxiate
Father! Please take us, commemorate us!
Rape of the planet, we will understand this!
Vessels of virtue, I never would hurt you.
Secrets, I keep them. With hatred I sear them.